Orthodontic Treatment of School Children’s Teeth

School children have regular dental check-ups, and their need for orthodontic treatment is assessed during these check-ups. Only pupils with severe malocclusion are admitted to orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is provided to treat occlusion problems that interfere with the normal development and function of the person’s teeth, such as:

  • major disproportions in the skeletal structure of the jaw
  • severe deep bite in the frontal region
  • crossbite (misalignment) in the lateral and/or frontal regions
  • severe crowding (lack of space between teeth)
  • disturbances in tooth eruption.

Small occlusion abnormalities such as small gaps between teeth, rotations or some overlapping are regarded as normal. Malocclusions in the permanent dentition are more common than malocclusions in the deciduous dentition (milk teeth).

Active orthodontic treatment for children usually lasts a few years, as the treatment is intertwined with the growth of the child’s jaw bones and the eruption of permanent teeth. Treatment of malocclusions due to problems in the skeletal structure tend to last up to the time when the child’s growth ceases.

Do the following

Orthodontic treatment, as well as all other dental care in health care centres, is free of charge for persons under 18 years of age. If you break of lose your orthodontic device, you may be charged the fees carried out for production of a new personal device.

To whom and on what terms

It is voluntary to initiate the treatment. When initiated, though, you have to follow your treatment times and instructions.

You are able to influence your treatment results yourself by following the instructions of use for your personal orthodontic device.

Treatment may be interrupted if you fail to follow the instructions, or you miss your appointment without cancelling it for three or more times.

All persons 15 years and older must pay a fee for uncancelled appointments if they do not show up or cancel their appointment in time.

Payment details