Municipal Government

The municipal government manages the municipality’s administration and prepares issues discussed in the council on the basis of committee proposals. The municipal government carries out council decisions, oversees the municipality’s interests, and represents the municipality.

Duties of Municipal Government

According to the municipal Administrative Regulations, the municipal government must:

  1. prepare proposals for central municipal goals and strategies, and present them to the council
  2. lead municipal activities and administration
  3. direct the preparations of the municipal budget, economy plan and long-term plans in such a way that the goals can be met with the available resources
  4. see to well-functioning cooperation between the various sectors, and to take responsibility of coordination of the activities.

Composition of Municipal Government

The Sipoo municipal government consists of eleven members and their personal deputy members. Only counsillors (elected officials) and vice counsillors can be elected as members or deputy members of the municipal government. Only counsillors can be elected as chairperson or vice chairperson. The municipal government’s term of office is four years.

The duties of the municipal government secretary are performed by the Administrative Manager.