Memory clinic

The Sipoo Memory clinic is for municipality residents over 65 years of age. Because the Memory clinic is a easily accessible place, no doctors referral is necessary and anyone who is concerned with memory issues or interested can be in touch (client, family member, home care worker, health center). Contact can be made either by e-mail or telephone, there are no specific telephone hours. One Memory coordinator is in charge of the entire municipality.

Primary memory tests and evaluations are made at the Memory clinic, after which a scheduled appointment is made for a neurologist for additional evaluation. The neurologist is on site twice a month. The neurologist's main task is diagnostics of memory related illnesses, after which the treatment is handed over to the patient's own health center. In addition to patients with memory related illnesses, the Memory clinic also welcomes patients over 65 years old who are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease for follow ups.

If a client is found to be ill with a memory related illness, the Memory coordinator is regulary in charge of post diagnostic follow ups. Primarily the Memory coordinator's follow ups are reserved for patients who are not yet clients within the domestic care system or have a designated caretaker within their own family. You can also contact the Memory coordinator, if you have (or someone in your vicinity has) an earlier diagnosis for a memory illness (eg. a client who has moved from another municipality or has recieved the diagnosis from a private physician).