Mediation in Family Disputes

Mediation in family disputes is a service provided to parents with children under 18 years of age in situations where the parents have agreed to separate. Mediators support the parents in resolving separation-related matters concerning children in a conciliatory way, thus acting in the child’s interests. At best, mediation can prevent disputes between the parents, which ensures the children’s right to their both parents and secures a well-functioning everyday life also after the parents’ separation. Mediation in family disputes is a voluntary and confidential service provided free of charge.

Mediation in family disputes helps parents who are separating to discuss and agree on important matters. With the help of a mediator, matters concerning children can be discussed in a conciliatory way. Mediation can include drawing up agreements concerning e.g. care and maintenance of children. These agreements are verified by a child supervisor at a later date. The mediator is a neutral, independent worker who has experience in working with families. Mediators do not offer ready-made solutions. Instead, they help the parents to find a solution that best suits their situation.

Divorce mediation begins with a series of preparatory meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to define the purpose and goals of the mediation process. The parents take part in the preparatory meetings separately. This enables them to reveal issues that are important to them and need resolving. The preparatory meeting is followed by 1–3 mediation meetings with both parents. A follow-up meeting can also be booked after these meetings.

The municipality of Sipoo child welfare officer acts as the coordinating actor for family mediation.

Do the following

Please contact the Eastern Uusimaa Region Family Rights Unit, either by phone during the telephone hours, or by email.

To whom and on what terms

Family mediation is available to parents with underage children living in Sipoo. The parents may already be divorced, or considering a separation. The service is free of charge.

Basic information and legislation

As a couple, you can apply for family mediation in cases of conflict, when considering divorce, or when you have already made your decision on the matter. Mediation can also be used after a divorce to, for example, resolve any disputes related to your children.

If you are married or in a common-law marriage or registered partnership, you and your family have the right to mediation. Your participation in mediation is always confidential and voluntary.

Mediators are persons familiar with family counselling, family law or child welfare who are authorised to engage in mediation. Family mediation is organised by social services independently or in cooperation with, for example, associations, companies, foundations or other professional actors.