Maternity Clinic Psychologist Services

Maternity clinic psychologist services support the child’s healthy growth and parenthood. The services are directed to children under school age living in Sipoo, and to their parents. The services are confidential and free of charge.

You may contact the psychologist when

  • you worry about, or are afraid of something concerning pregnancy or childbirth
  • you have had a miscarriage, lost a child, suffered from infertility, or your child has been seriously ill
  • you’re worried about your child’s fears, sensibility, demanding behaviour, concentration difficulties or problems regulating their feelings
  • your child is experiencing problems at day care or in group situations
  • you are worried about your own coping and wellbeing
  • you feel exhausted, depressed or anxious

Do the following

You may ring the maternity clinic psychologist directly during the telephone hours, Tuesday-Friday 12-12.45 p.m. You may also have a discussion with your own public health nurse. With your consent, they can leave a contact request to the psychologist on your behalf. You won’t need a referral from a doctor.

To whom and on what terms

The services are meant for both maternity clinic and child health clinic clients.

Payment details