Inspecting Medical Records

You have the right to know whether your personal data is being processed or not, and what kind of data concerning you is stored in databases. As a rule, patients also have the right to inspect logged data, that is who has been reading their medical records and when, in the electronic patient data system. This right is limited to their own data only. When you make a request to inspect your data, we will deliver it as soon as possible without unnecessary delay. The deadline for delivery of data and possible further details connected with the information request is one month after the initial date of the data inspection request. If your data request is exceptionally complicated or extensive, this deadline may be prolonged with two months.

As a patient, you may request that any clear errors you detect in your medical records be corrected. However, patients do not have the right to demand that doctors change their diagnosis or the instructions for medical care they have written in the patient’s records. Errors in medical records are to be corrected in a way that enables the reader to see the original text version, as well as the correction. The name and official position of the person making the correction, as well as the date and grounds for the correction are to be included in the patient records.

Do the following

In order to request inspection of your own medical records, please contact the Customer service by calling to Sipoo municipality switchboard.

If you consider you data to be incorrect, you should demand a rectification (correction) of your data. In order to demand rectification of your data, please contact the Customer service by calling to Sipoo municipality switchboard.

The information will be sent to you within four weeks at the latest. The data is handed over personally only to the person who made the request. In other words, you will have to prove your identity when claiming the documents.

Basic information and legislation

A client or a patient of public or private healthcare has the right to know what data on him or her is contained in a personal data register. Requests for information should normally be made on a special form or otherwise in writing. The staff may only refuse to provide access to the data if access would seriously endanger the patient's health or violate someone else's rights.

The right to review patient data only applies to the patient himself or herself. Other persons, including the patient’s family and friends, can only obtain information on the patient’s state of health or illness with the patient’s express consent.

Patients also have the right to have their data corrected and, in some cases, deleted from the register. Additionally, the patient may request information on who has used his or her registry information, where it has been disclosed, and the reason for the use or disclosure.