Immigrant services

Social services for newly-arrived immigrants are located in the centre of Nikkilä. You may also contact immigrant services for general information about immigration related issues. Immigrant services provide guidance, counselling and information about immigration and integration for immigrants, authorities and municipal partners.

The main goal of immigrant services is to receive new migrants and promote their integration for a total of three years. The term “new migrants” refers to both quota refugees placed in the municipality, as well as to returning migrants and asylum seekers who have been granted a residence permit and move to the municipality independently.

Do the following

Please make an appointment by phone before visiting the Immigrant Services office.

To whom and on what terms

Immigrant Social Services are primarily meant for immigrants who have lived permanently in Finland for under three years. Their clientship ends, or is transferred to services directed to the entire population, usually within three years from moving to Finland permanently.

Basic information and legislation

Immigrants are offered guidance and counselling related to integration, health and social welfare services, housing, personal finance and livelihood, studying and work. The advisers explain what services are available, how they can be accessed and what the preconditions for using them are. They direct immigrants to all service providers.

Immigrants can get counselling for example on telephone or by visiting a service point. The advisers do not make decisions related to the services.