HUS Laboratory services

Health-care laboratories carry out tests and biopsies, and analyze for example blood and urine samples.

Do the following

Prior to booking an appointment at the laboratory, please make sure to read through any instructions you are given by your attending physician or laboratory technician. Eating or drinking, for example, may be prohibited for some hours prior to sampling.

You can book an appointment via the HUSLAB online service, or by calling the municipality of Sipoo laboratory service telephone.

In My Kanta Pages, you can view your prescriptions and the related dispensing data, treatment-related entries, laboratory and X-ray studies, and the data concerning a dependent child under 10 years of age. The data of a child aged between 10 and 17 can be viewed gradually once the healthcare service has made the necessary changes in the patient data systems. In My Kanta Pages, you can request a repeat prescription and save your own living will and organ donation testament. You can also monitor your own wellbeing and browse your details recorded with a wellbeing application.

To whom and on what terms

In order to get tested in a public health care laboratory, you need a referral from either a doctor or a nurse. The referral contains important information on what you’re to be tested for.

Basic information and legislation

Public health care laboratories test and analyse e.g. blood, urine and cell samples and conduct tests. You must receive a referral from a doctor or nurse for public health care laboratory services. The referral specifies what matters are to be examined from the sample. Read the instructions provided by the treating doctor or laboratory before taking the sample. For example, there may be restrictions on eating and drinking before giving a sample.

Some private laboratory services are available without referral if you are able to determine what laboratory tests you need. Private laboratories charge for their services according to their price lists.