Home Help Service for Families with Children

Home help service for families with children consists of help in child and home care, supporting parenthood, and taking care of everyday routines together with the parents.

Home help is provided for a limited time on the grounds of an illness, childbirth, injury or other reason that affects the family’s ability to function normally, such as a special life situation affecting the whole family or some of it’s members. Home help services are always planned and the contents determined individually with the family. The main goal is to strengthen the family’s own resources.

Home care worker for families with children:

  • discusses the family’s current need of help when first arriving at the family home
  • supports the family’s independence in coping with the situation
  • provides help with everyday tasks, such as care of children and cooking
  • provides guidance and advice, and tells about other available services

Home help service for families with children is provided according to the Finnish Social Welfare Act. When necessary, the services are provided in cooperation with other professional actors supporting the family. The service is based on confidentiality and good cooperation with the client, service worker and other actors helping the client.

The fee charged for home help services for families with children is €5 per hour.

Do the following

To apply for home help service for families with children, please contact the senior social advisor or the Social Services for Families with Children telephone and on-call service by phone.

To whom and on what terms

Some examples of grounds for granting home help:

  • the family has children under 18 years of age (emphasis on families with children under school age)
  • multiple birth families need help when the children are infants
  • the family needs help to overcome problems with pregnancy or care of an infant
  • a parent falls seriously ill, or there’s some other crisis in the family
  • parental exhaustion
  • a difficult life situation, or abrupt changes in the everyday life
  • the family needs guidance in care and upbringing of the children
  • the family needs help in establishing and maintaining family routines

Home help service is not granted in the following situations:

  • to arrange care for a child who has fallen ill, when one of the parents has the right to stay at home and take care of the child
  • for home cleaning only
  • as a substitution to child day care services
  • to help the parents when they work or study at home, or engage in hobbies
  • to replace a need for a personal assistant

Payment details

The service is chargeable

The fee charged for home help services for families with children is €5 per hour.

Basic information and legislation

Home services may be provided for persons who need them because of their old age, illness, disability, childbirth or a particular family or life situation.

Home services provide care and attention, support a resident in daily life and reinforce their functional capacity. Home services may consist of meals, clothing care and cleaning services. Home services may support the care and upbringing of children and provide help for parenting.

A fee may be charged for the service. It is determined on the basis of the income of the person needing the services, family size and the volume of assistance needed.