Family Work at Maternity Clinics

Family work provided by the maternity clinics helps and supports the families during pregnancy and when the children are small. When necessary, we can arrange a meeting with a family counsellor quickly and without a referral. All discussions are confidential. Meetings take place primarily at the family homes.

You may contact us when

  • you feel unsure about your role as a parent
  • you have problems with breastfeeding
  • your baby keeps crying or has difficulty in sleeping
  • your everyday life with the baby feels challenging
  • you’re tired or feeling depressed
  • you need help in bringing up your children

The goal with family work provided by the maternity clinics is to help and support the families during pregnancy and when the children are small. We want to strengthen your family’s own resources and listen to your needs.

Home Visits During Pregnancy

We will contact all families expecting children and make an appointment for a home visit. Discussions during the home visit are conducted individually, in accordance with the needs of the parents-to-be. Possible discussion topics are for example the family situation, oncoming childbirth and parenthood, challenges faced by families with an infant, parental resources, time management, breastfeeding, and the baby’s daily rhythm, sleep and crying.

Home visits are carried out at the end of the pregnancy, and arranged at a time that suites the family. An introduction to the services provided by the municipality of Sipoo is included in the visit.

Do the following

You can contact us by phone.

To whom and on what terms

The service is meant for pregnant people and families with small children under school age.

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