Family Counselling

Family Counselling Services are directed to all children and young people aged 0–17 living in Sipoo, as well as to their families. Family Counselling Services help families who have problems or experience stressful situations. For example, you can discuss your worries about the development of your child, family interaction, bringing up your children or parenthood more generally.

Family Counselling Services can help you for example if you’re concerned about

  • your child’s behaviour
  • your child’s development and emotional life
  • your child’s mood, temper or social skills
  • conflicts or a difficult life situation in your family
  • questions related to parenthood and child upbringing, and you feel that your own means are not adequate

Family counselling may include guidance, analysis of the child’s or the family situation, inquiries and treatment. We will assess your situation together with your family, and determine your need for help and support. All help and support is always carried out according to your family’s needs.

Family Counselling Services staff consists of two psychologists and a social worker. We also cooperate with a doctor. Family Counselling Services are confidential and free of charge; you do not need a referral.

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You can contact Family Counselling Services by phone.

Basic information and legislation