Cancer Screening

Mammography screens and cervical smear tests (Pap smears) are carried out annually on certain age groups.


The municipality of Sipoo organizes mammography screenings to detect possible breast cancer at an early stage when treatment options are good.

Women aged 50–69 will be invited to a screening paid for by the municipality.

Cervical Smear Tests (Pap Smears)

Cervical smear tests are a very reliable way of detecting early stages of cancer. Treatment of possible cancers found in tests can be initiated in such an early stage that actual cancer may not even develop.

Colorectal cancer screening

In 2022, HUS Diagnostic center invites 60- to 68-year-olds living in Uusimaa, to colorectal cancer screening. Colorectal cancer screening will be expanded in stages so that in 2032 everyone aged 56 to 74 will be invited. Screening is a free of charge service offered by your home municipality.

The free-of-charge screening is based on a test that looks for hidden blood in the stool. No appointment is needed for collecting a sample or delivering it to the laboratory for analysis.

Do the following

The invitation will be sent to your home address . The invitation includes a suggested time for the test, and instructions as how to change or cancel it.

If you have a valid non-disclosure of your personal data for personal safety reasons (turvakielto in Finnish), your address information is unavailable for us. Consequently, you will not receive the invitations. In these cases, please contact the health care centre if you wish to be tested.

Surveys are carried out in a mamograph wagon, in the yard of Nikkilä Social and Health Care Centre.

To whom and on what terms

Women are invited to tests in turns, according to the age group that is currently being tested. If the test time and place mentioned in the invitation does not suit your timetables, you may change your booked time by following the instructions given in the invitation letter.

All women aged 50–69 are invited to breast cancer screenings regularly. Invitations are sent every 20–26 months.

Women get their first invitation to a cervical smear test when they are 25 or 30 years old. Pap screening is continued every five years, in most cases up to when the person turns 60.

Payment details

Screenings are free of charge and completely voluntary.