Birth Control and Family Planning Clinic

You can call birth control on number 019 5600 660 monday-friday at 12:00-13:00.

Contact the birth control and family planning clinic whenever you want assistance with one or more of the following:

  • you want to start contraception
  • follow-up of hormonal contraception (annual check-ups)
  • change or removal of IUD or contraceptive implant (capsule)
  • you want to discuss birth control options

Starting (Hormonal) Contraception

There are several reasons for starting hormonal contraception. You may be in need of birth control, or for example have irregular, painful or heavy menstrual bleeding, or suffer from acne. Contraception is initiated at the family planning clinic, usually after a guidance with a nurse. Your first visit to the clinic includes a discussion about your health status, as well as your thoughts and wishes related to birth control. You may be also see a doctor, or have a gynecological exam if necessary. All examinations are voluntary.

Birth control is free of charge for all persons under 20 years of age living in the municipality of Sipoo.

Birth Control with IUDs and Contraceptive Implants

IUDs (coils) and contraceptive implants (capsules) are inserted and removed, and IUD annual controls performed during a doctor’s appointment.

Basic information and legislation

Young people and adults can receive family planning and birth control counselling to support their own plans for their family. The counselling is provided mainly in health and social services centres and hospitals, maternity clinics, and school and student health care.

Family planning and birth control counselling also provide other sexual and reproductive health services. These include counselling related to childlessness, promoting sexual health, combating sexually transmitted diseases, preventing sexually violence, sexual orientation, gender experiences, and relationships.