Annual health care payment ceiling

Public health care services have an annual payment ceiling, that is, an upper limit after which clients do not have to pay fees. In 2022, this upper limit is €692.

Fees for treatment given to children under 18 years of age will be added up to the parent’s payment total. When the payment ceiling is reached, health care services are provided free of charge to all persons whose payments have built up the payment ceiling.

When calculating the payment ceiling, fees carried out for the following services are included:

  • services provided by doctors at health care centers
  • physiotherapy
  • recurring treatment fees
  • visits to hospital outpatient clinics
  • day surgery
  • short-term institutional care in social and health care institutions
  • night-time and day-time care
  • rehabilitation

When calculating the payment ceiling, fees carried out for the following are not included:

  • ambulance transportation
  • medical certificates
  • diagnostic imaging and laboratory services ordered by a private doctor

Each child under 18 years of age will receive a parallel card to the parent’s card.

Payment ceiling for medicinal products

There is a separate annual payment ceiling for medicinal products. In 2020, the ceiling is €577.66. After reaching the payment ceiling, clients have to pay just €2.50 per medicinal product (so called own risk). You will get your medicines at a discounted price when the payment ceiling has been reached. All clients must first pay full price for their medication up to €50 per calendar year. However, this limit of €50 does not apply for children and youth. It will be applied from the beginning of the year under which the person turns 19.

Pharmacists will give the discount automatically, when you present your health insurance (Kela) card and the Kela note stating that you’re entitled to compensation. It is also possible to claim compensation at a later date within six months from the date of payment.

Do the following

You must follow up with your health care expenses yourself in order to know when the payment ceiling is reached. Make sure to store all receipts in the original when paying for your treatment. You will be asked to present them when you apply for a free card. When the payment ceiling is reached, the social and health care unit that was currently taking care of you will issue you a free card. Please make sure to show the card each time you visit a social and health care clinic.

When you reach the payment ceiling, please contact the office secretary.

To whom and on what terms

With a health care free card, you and all the persons included in your card will get public health care in the municipality free of charge. An exception is short-term institutional care (hospital care), for which a discounted fee will be charged.

Payment details