Adoption counseling

Adoption counseling helps the applicants in assessing their abilities to becoming adoptive parents and getting ready for parenthood. The municipality of Sipoo purchases the service from Save the Children Finland. Adoption processes are always initiated with adoption counseling. The goal is to ensure that the process is carried out in the child’s best interests. Adoption counseling involves all parties of the adoption process.

Do the following

Please contact the Eastern Uusimaa region Family rights unit, either by phone during our telephone hours, or by email.

To whom and on what terms

You have to live in Sipoo in order to receive adoption counseling in Sipoo.

Payment details

Basic information and legislation

Anyone wishing to adopt a child must receive adoption counselling. Counselling may be provided by municipalities and approved organisations of the field. The purpose of adoption is to promote the child’s best interests.

Adoption counselling assists applicants in assessing their capabilities for becoming adopted parents and preparing for parenthood. The purpose of the counselling is to establish if the preconditions for adopting a child are met and if it is possible to agree upon contacts between the child and their prior parents.

In adoption counselling, the applicants are guided to apply for an adoption permission and, if necessary, international adoption services. The counsellors’ tasks also include placing children in adopted families. The child’s adjustment in the new family is supported and monitored.