24-hour Service Housing

24-hour service housing is intended for persons who are unable to live at their own homes even after receiving home care services, help from relatives and other support.

In Sipoo, intensified assisted living is available at housing service units Suvikuja, Suvituuli and Suvirinne. The municipality also purchases some assisted living services from private service producers.

Do the following

For more information about 24-hour service housing, please contact Case Management Services for the Elderly.

To whom and on what terms

Places in 24-hour service housing are allocated via Case Management Services for the Elderly. A comprehensive assessment of the person’s functional ability and need of services is carried out prior to a decision. The decision is made in a multi-professional case management group.

Payment details

The service is chargeable

The residents pay a rent for their room, as well as income-related fees for care, treatment and meals.

Basic information and legislation

Sheltered housing services with 24-hour assistance are organised for persons who need care and attention round the clock due to an illness, their age or a disability. Sheltered housing services with 24-hour assistance can be provided on a continuous or temporary basis. In addition to care and attention and guidance, this includes activities that maintain and improve the resident's functional capacity, outdoor excursions and exercise, meal and clothing care services, personal hygiene and cleaning services as well as any other services the residents may need around the clock.

The residents may furnish their own homes. They pay fees for the sheltered housing services with 24-hour assistance, rent as well as their other housing, food and medical expenses. Sheltered housing services with 24-hour assistance can be organised by public and private service providers.