Moving to Finland and Sipoo

If you are an immigrant, have received you residence permit less than three years ago, and are in need of counselling and guidance with e.g. municipal services, administrative procedures with authorities, or social benefits, please contact the immigration services. If you have already lived in Finland for a longer period, you can contact adult social work if you live alone or with your spouse, or social work for children and families if you have children.

EU nationals residing in Finland for a longer period that three months have to register their residence. You can find information about the registration process from this link. Other than EU nationals should primarily apply for residence permit before arriving to Finland, e.g. based on work or family ties. Behind this link you can find more information about residence permits. Asylum is sought from the police. Migri (Finnish Immigration Service) makes the decisions about residence permits.

If you already have a residence permit, you should first register at the Local Register Office following the information behind this link in order to get a home municipality in Finland. This way you also gain access to municipal services (such as social and health care). In addition, you should apply for coverage under the Finnish social security system following the instructions behind this link in order to get a Kela card and prove your status at health care services and pharmacies.

If you don't have a valid travel document, you should apply for a travel document at Migri. You can apply for a foreigner's ID card at the police following the instructions you find from this link. After this you can open a Finnish bank account. If you are unemployed but are able to work full-time, register at the TE Office following these instructions (scroll down for English). If you are already working or planning to start work soon, get a tax card from the Tax Office from this link.

Initial Assessment and Integration Plan

If you have received your first residence permit to FInland less than three years ago, you may have the right to an initial assessment and integration plan. These are defined by the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration (website). The initial assessment comprises discussions with the authorities in order to outline your situation and the services you need. The initial assessment can, for example, comprise tests of your language skills and competence.

If you are able to work and planning to apply for work, your initial assessment and integration plan are made in the TE Office. Please register as an unemployed jobseeker in order to get the initial assessment.

If you are not able to participate in work life due to your age, an illness or a disability, or are at home taking care of small children, please ask for an initial assessment at Sipoo's Immigration Services.

Based on the initial assessment the TE Office or the municipality estimates your needs in an integration plan. The integration plan is an agreement on integration training, for example participation in language training, job practise or other activities that promote employment. While you participate in an agreed integration procedure you may be entitled to integration support.


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