Control and follow-up of integration work

The purpose of the act on Integration of Immigrants (1386/2010) is to support and promote integration and make it easier for immigrants to play an active role in Finnish society. According to this act the municipalities have overall and coordination responsibility for the development, planning and monitoring of integration at local level.

The main tool of integration on local level is the Sipoo Integration Program 2018 -2021 (Finnish version behind this link), whose task is to ensure that immigrants living in the municipality are of equal status with the other residents, as well as to define the services and the measures that the municipality provides to support immigrant integration. The program is intended to serve as a tool in a multidisciplinary collaboration work to promote the integration of immigrants. It also aims to promote the opportunities of the immigrants in Sipoo to participate actively in society, as well as to increase positive interaction between different population groups.

The integration programme is taken into account when preparing the budget and financial plan, and it is updated at least every four years, once every Council period. The implementation of the integration program and the development of the integration work is monitored by a multi-disciplinary integration steering group. The integration work group is chaired by the principal of the Adult Education Centre (Sipoon opisto), and the immigration coordinator acts as secretary. The work group meets regularly, at least once a year.


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Last modified 08.07.2019