Multicultural activities in Sipoo

There are several actors in Sipoo organizing activities that welcome immigrants to participate. You can for example get a Finnish friend or learn Finnish with other immigrants.

Actors (NGOs, communities, churches etc.) are welcome to contact Sipoo's immigration coordinator (tel. 040 5734133) in order to get info about your activities on this website.

Finnish language courses at the Adult Education Centre

The Adult Education Centre of Sipoo (Kansalaisopisto) runs two Finnish courses, a beginner's course and a conversation course for those who already speak a bit of Finnish. The topics consist of everyday situations such as shopping, talking in different administrative offices or health care, Books are not used on the courses, and the focus is not on grammar but rather on everyday conversation. The courses are suitable even for Swedish-speakers who need to polish their Finnish language.

Let’s Read Together Network

Sipoo municipality together with The Finnish Federation of University women and a group of volunteers offer free tuition in literacy and the Finnish language to immigrants in Sipoo.

In the spring 2018 the group gathers at Lukkari school (Lukkarintie 2, 04130 Sipoo) on Thursdays at 5.30-7.30 pm.

More information: responsible for the Let's Read Together group Mervi Jokela (044 087064, mervijokela(at)

"Friend for an immigrant mum" - a project run by Mannerheim League for Child Welfare

Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Southern District, organizes "Friend for an immigrant mum" activities which aims at promoting the integration of immigrant mothers to the Finnish society and to provide learning of the language. The "Friend for an immigrant mum" project wants women who are fluent in Finnish to become friends with immigrant mothers. In the spring of 2014 there was a familiarization training for new friends in Sipoo.

More information:

Mentor programme FIKA, Luckan Integration

Through the FIKA mentor programme you can act as mentor for an immigrant in Sipoo or in the nearby municipalities, or you can get a Finnish mentor! The objective is to join volunteers and immigrants, who then meet over a six-month period. A mentor is a person who is familiar with the Finnish way of life and the everyday environment. For the immigrants the programme offers a possibility to become familiar with Finnish culture, society and the labour market through a personal mentor. The pairs are formed based on the individuals' education, work history and hobbies. Luckan organizes programme for the mentor pairs each month.

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