Moving to Finland and Sipoo - Getting Started

European Union (EU) nationals

As a EU national you are allowed to stay in Finland for a maximum of three months without registering your residence permit, provided you have a valid identity card or passport and are not regarded as person who threatens public order and security. If you are going to stay in Finland for more than three months, you have to register your residence with the local police within three months from the date of entry in the country.

Non-EU family members staying in Finland for more than three months can apply for a EU citizen's family member residence card. The residence card must be applied for within three months of entry into the country.

Non-EU nationals

If a foreign national wishes to reside in Finland for more than 3 months, he or she needs a residence permit. The residence permit should as a rule be applied for from abroad before entering the country. The residence permit application should be submitted to a Finnish diplomatic mission or, if the applicant is already in Finland, to the local police. An application for an extension of a residence permit or a permanent residence permit can be submitted only in Finland. The first temporary residence permit is granted by the Finnish Immigration Service. After that, fixed-term residence permits (permit extensions) are granted by the police.

More information:

Immigrant's checklist

If you move to Sipoo permanently, be sure to:

1. Go to the Register Office in Porvoo and fill out the foreign citizen's registration form and notification of move

2. Go to the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) and fill out the application for social security in Finland

3. Get a tax card from the Tax Office

4. If you are unemployed, please register as unemployed and job seeking with the Employment and Business Office (TE Services)

5. Open a bank account



Last modified 19.06.2017