Initial Assessment and Integration Plan

The Municipality of Sipoo and Uusimaa TE Office conduct initial assessments and make integration plans for new immigrants.

You can ask for an initial assessment and integration plan at the TE Office or the municipality. If you are applying for work, please start by asking for an initial assessment at the TE Office. The initial assessment will help you to find the services you need, and it will also assist you to cope with everyday life in the new country. The initial assessment comprises discussions with the authorities in order to outline your situation and the services you need. The initial assessment can, for example, comprise tests of your language skills and competence.

Based on the initial assessment the TE Office or the municipality estimates your needs in an integration plan. The integration plan is an agreement on integration training, for example participation in language training, job practise or other activities that promote employment. The integration plan is made in cooperation with you and the TE Office or a municipal authority. This plan can be made if, based on the initial assessment, you need integration support. The duration of the integration plan is individual. The duration of support depends on your work and education history, as well as your personal goals.

While you participate in the integration procedure you are entitled to integration support to ensure your livelihood.

You have the right to receive an initial assessment if

- you are a resident of Sipoo Municipality and
- you have moved to Sipoo from abroad or elsewhere in Finland and
- an initial assessment has not been conducted to you before and
- you have been resident in Finland for a maximum of three years

The initial assessment is free of charge.


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Last modified 19.06.2017